The Program

Project “Get a fruit - 101015731” is an Information project for promotion of Fresh fruits in Internal market (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Croatia) in the context of proper dietary practices.

Information and Promotion program intends to improve the image of the products as being ‘fresh’ and ‘natural’, encourage their regular consumption, to maintain consumption levels.

The program has the following objectives:

  • Increase the competitiveness and consumption of European Fresh stone fruits and to raise their profile highlighting the specific features of food safety, traceability, authenticity labeling, nutritional and health aspects value and sustainability in the three target countries
  • Increase the market share of European Fresh fruits in the four markets with high growth potential

The Participating organizations in the program are:

  • Association of Imathia’s Agricultural Cooperatives – Producers Organization (ASIAC) – Coordinator from Greece
  • Asociatia Producatorilor de fructe din sud Fructprod (FRUCTPROD) - Project Partner from Romania

The duration of the program will be 36 months as of 01/04/2021, which is the starting date of the action.